Suzuki camps and workshops

Besides our own Heart of Texas Suzuki Organization Piano Institute Workshop held annually in January at Texas State University, there are a number of other workshops and Suzuki camps  (mostly in the summer) that would benefit the Suzuki student families.  These are open to all students studying with a  SAA registered teacher.  These often provide teacher training as well. 

Suzuki Association of the Americas  (Current year listing of summer Institutes)

DFW WOW Institute (internationally recognized Suzuki Piano clinicians)

Benefits of a Workshop

1. The student will hear a “new” voice reinforcing what the private teacher has been working on. Sometimes it is helpful to hear a reminder from someone different.

2. Students are usually more attentive when working with a workshop teacher.

3. The student will receive another opinion about their playing which can be very helpful and motivating.

4. A workshop teacher may have a new way of doing something that really solves a problem.

5. A workshop teacher may have a different style of teaching which can also be very helpful.

6. A workshop teacher will have a different way of teaching the same things. Sometimes we need another set of eyes and ears once in a while to help us make more progress.

7. A workshop is like a Vitamin Boost for a musician! It is inspiring and fun!